LeadToolsX FB Data Extractor 2020

Facebook Data Extractor 2020 – program for collecting phone numbers and emails from the Facebook.

Latest working with token including cookies option. Better for using token of Facebook account.

Facebook Data Extractor 2020

Facebook Data Extractor Latest Update | Search Audience from Keywords is Back. SEARCH FROM KEYWORDS IS BACK !! ONLY SOFTWARE AVAILABLE !!


Facebook Data Extractor 2020 – Find Audience from Keywords can be used still. 🙂

★ Search From Keywords. {NEW For Unlimited Audience}

★ New Token Method without Sign In into any Site / Less Chance of Getting Blocked. (NEW)

★ New Way to Scrap ID from Groups and Pages. (NEW)

★ Gender Scrap Issue Fixed. (NEW)

★ Data Can be Scraped upto 10 Millions. *(UNLIMITED)

★Facebook Data Extractor Scrap Email/Phone No. from Facebook Data Extractor. (Any Public Group or Joined Groups.)

★ Scrap Fanpage Engagements (Likes, Comments, Shares).

★ Scrap Unlimited Data from Friends of Friends.

★ Easily get Names and Real Emails or Numbers of Facebook Niche Group members.

★ Easy way to find Profitable Niche Groups on Facebook.

★ Easy way to find Targeted Leads.

★ Easy way to get all Friend List of your friends! (NEW)

★ You can add multiple group members Emails into a single list. (Dont SPAM Users)

★ Scrap User using Keywords.

★ Scrap Facebook Groups using any Keywords {BACK AGAIN}

★ Scrap Unlimited Facebook with Particular Keywords.

★ Scrap Friends & Friends of Friends of any Users usind UID.

★ Scrap Joined Groups of any Facebook User.

★ Scrap Your own Friends or Friends of Friends.

FB Data Extractor 2020


1. Facebook Data Extractor Most Secure Facebook Token Generator Extension {FREE} that use Coookie to generate Token with less chance of Checkpoint.

2. Software Use Cookie & token both to bypass FB Filter for New Sign-In.

3. Drip delay Option between Data Scraping. (Now USe a Proper Random Delay, So You won’t get Block very Quick for Scraping.)

4. FB Apps Password base Token Generator (2-Factor Activated Account can also be used.)

“Dig Millions of Potential Consumer Data from Facebook” in Just Minutes and You Can Get Millions of Potential Targeted Buyers from Facebook, With Just 3 Easy Steps!

1. Capture Thousand REAL Email and Phone Number from Facebook in few minutes!

2. This software will help you to get Highly Targeted Leads from Facebook, Build a Real Audience and Massive Email in any Niche you can imagine!

3. Consistent Targeted Traffic is essential for any successful business. As you know, all kinds of Web Traffics are not Created Equal. Occasional SEO traffic is not worth your time and efforts.

How to get Traffic Leads?

The best and most effective way with which you can get the leads for your business is to get the data basis of the email addresses or telephone numbers. This is simple, there would be immense lists and those lists ultimately grant you the quality leads but that quality sometimes is poor Facebook Data Extractor.

There is an alternate option in which you can be a part of the trade shows and some events of the industry and do collect their business cards which is totally an old way to do that. Another thing that you can try is that stalk the people on their social media accounts and get in contact with them with help of using various social media channel.

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